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Same-Day Delivery for UNTUCKit in Columbus, OH is now available

UNTUCKit store Easton Town Center

Same day delivery is available within 20 miles from the Easton Town Center store serviced by CbusShops.

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UNTUCKit same day delivery in Columbus, Ohio

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UNTUCKit wiki:

Casual shirts are Untuckit's core product, although other clothing items are also now available from the company's website and brick-and-mortar stores. The product line includes button-down shirts, polos, tee shirts, henleys, vests, sweatshirts, outerwear, and sports coats. They also offer a line for women and boys.

Chris Riccobono came up with the idea for Untuckit while working at GE Healthcare. In February 2011, he brought on Aaron Sanandres, a Columbia Business School classmate, to help develop the idea into a standalone business. Through a market survey, they established the length of their shirts to be halfway between the belt and the bottom of the zipper, allowing the front pockets of the pants to be slightly exposed.

Initially running the operation out of the third bedroom in Riccobono's apartment in Hoboken, New Jersey, and shipping out of a local storage unit, Untuckit opened its first store in September 2015 in SoHo, New York (on Prince Street). In 2016, brick-and-mortar stores were opened in Chicago, Illinois, Los Angeles, California, Austin, Texas, and San Francisco, California. The Company opened an additional 20 stores in 2017, including 3 additional stores in New York City and an additional 26 stores in 2018. As of August 2019, the company has a total of 73 stores including their first international store in Canada at Sherway Gardens. The location opened on September 12, 2018


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